Soil and Water Conservation Society Conference on Managing Soil and Crop Nutrient Systems

Register by February 19th for the Soil and Water Conservation Society’s conference on managing soil and crop nutrient systems to protect water quality! The conference takes place March 2nd in East Lansing, Michigan. Speakers will present on topics such as how soils and climate impact the decision to use split N applications, changing conservation practices based on on-farm water quality monitoring, and edge-of-field nutrient monitoring including evaluation of controlled drainage and saturated buffers. Learn more and register here!

Register for the USDA’s Webinar February 13th on Minimizing Pests

Register for the USDA Science and Technology webinar titled “Discovering How Cover Crops Impact Cropland Habitat for Pests: Voles, Slugs and Other Pests.” The webinar starts at 1:00pm CT/2:00pm ET on Tuesday, February 13th! This two-part series will detail how to minimize pest problems by managing cover crops and tillage practices. For more information and registration, click here.

Harmful Algae Still Active in Winter

Dr. Mike McKay, professor of biology at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, has been researching algae in Lake Erie and notes that algae simply does not dissipate in winter, but rather sits at the bottom of the lake with sediment in a semi-hibernation state, “So the microcystis that we are all so familiar with is often recruited from the sediment of the lake bottom during the summer.” McKay states farmers are increasing acres that incorporate cover crops, variable rate technology fertilizer application, strip-tillage and other methods to mitigate nutrient runoff that comes from heavy spring rains, which ultimately feed algal bloom production. Watch the clip here to learn more!

Soil and Water Management Webinar Workshop February 20th in Lincoln, Illinois

Register for the Soil and Water Management Webinar workshop sponsored by the University of Illinois Extension by February 16th! The workshop will be held at the Logan County Extension office in Lincoln, Illinois February 20th. Duane Friend, University of Illinois Extension educator states, “Those attending will hear about the latest University of Illinois research on soil erosion and how extreme weather affects nutrient transport. Other presenters from Purdue, Georgia and Missouri will discuss cover crop selection, soil microbes, and soil health tests.” CCAs will earn 4.5 continuing education units in soil and water management for attending. Read more.