Rulon Enterprises in Arcadia, Indiana has been documenting cover crop data based on twenty years of 1-acre grid soil testing, and have noticed astonishing results. The operation is spending $16 less in phosphorus and potassium fertilizer per acre compared to Tri-State fertilizer recommendations. Ken Rulon, co-owner, stated that after planting cover crops eight years ago, the amount of P available for the plants continues to increase without a prescription application. Compared to their county average, the Rulons are seeing 113% in soybean yield (based on five-year yield averages), and 114% of the county average yield for corn yield. Ken adds that he has noticed an average of 7.1-bushel corn yield increase when following cover crops versus no cover crops. All in all, Ken has calculated a 266% return on investment with cover crops. Read the full article here.

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