Researchers from North Carolina State University and Kansas State University have found a way to increase soluble phosphorus (P), the kind of P that crops utilize directly. In an acre furrow slice, typically 100 to 3000 pounds of total P is found, however, only one to two pounds is actually available for crop uptake due to P fixation. Todd Carpenter, technical development manager for Verdesian Life Sciences (VLS), the company that has developed a fertilizer additive to increase soluble P, states, “The result of this fixation is that 60% to 95% of the P fertilizer you apply this year will not be used by this year’s crop, and no one can predict when it will be available.” The fertilizer additive developed by VLS called AVAIL has been examined by the two universities, and the studies show that there is a potential for 30% more P available for crop uptake with the enhancer, leading to a 20-50% reduction in P application. Read the full article!

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