Iowa’s newly established 4R Plus Nutrient and Conservation Stewardship Program educates retailers on the 4Rs, however, as Carrie Vollmer-Sanders from The Nature Conservancy states, “…if you’re a crop advisor in this business, you’re likely already aware of the 4Rs. But sometimes there’s new information we need to share, so it fits hand-in-hand.” Ag retailers can share 4R nutrient management strategies with their grower customers, and one of the best places to do that are hosted field days. Ag retailers can display plots showcasing different seed varieties or plots looking at different agronomic advice. Field days give ag retailers a chance to communicate (with added visuals) the benefits of certain practices, so as Vollmer-Sanders states, retailers could say, “‘Hey, here’s maybe a different way to put your fertilizer on.’ Or, ‘We added a stabilizer this year, here’s why, and here’s what it cost.’” Read the full article to find out more about the 4Rs and the new Iowa program!

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