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Cover Crop Options with Prevent Plant from Iowa State University Extension

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Four new case studies from American Farmland Trust

To provide the economic evidence that soil health practices work, AFT estimated the net economic and environmental improvements experienced by four farmers who have adopted several soil health practices, including: no-till or strip-till, cover crops, nutrient management, conservation cover, compost application, and mulching. 

Farmers included in the case studies includes one almond grower, two corn and soybean growers, and one diverse crop rotation grower.  

Interseeding Cover Crops to Corn at V2 Stage by Practical Farmers of Iowa

Through funding from the Walton Family Foundation, Practical Farmers of Iowa conducted a research study on interseeding cover crops into corn at the V2 growth stage.  While V4 stage interseeding has gained popularity in recent years, cooperators in this study conducted trials exploring the effects of interseeding a cover crop min and N fertilizer rates on corn yields. 

Corn Planting Date Following Cover Crop Termination: Can Corn Be Planted Into a Freshly Terminated Cover Crop? Conducted by Practical Farmers of Iowa

To determine if corn could be planted earlier into small amounts of biomass without yield drag or increase disease, two growers compared yields and disease incidences between corn planted one to three days and 12 to 14 days after terminating cover crops that accumulated no more than 3,000 lb/ac of biomass. 

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