You Can’t Support the Environment Without Supporting the Farmer:

Our Partnership for Ag Resource Management (PARM) team works closely with agricultural retailers – who advise and sell products and services to farmers – to promote practices that help keep fertilizers on fields and out of waterways. We offer free educational tools and resources to retailers and their farmer customers that help bring about awareness of agriculture’s role in water quality along with revenue generating solutions. We also provide retailers with incentive  programs that allow their farmers to try new sustainable practices either for free or at a reduced cost.

PARM is one of several projects at the IPM Institute of North America Inc., a nonprofit focused on market-based solutions to improve sustainability in agriculture and communities. We currently partner with 90 ag retail locations that service over 5.3 million cropland acres in the Great Lakes and Upper Mississippi River Basins.

With your contribution, you can help support sustainable food production that meets the needs of both farmers and retailers while securing our vital land and water resources for future generations. Don’t wait for the world to change, make the effort to ensure it does.

Suggested Giving Levels

Conservation Educator – $50

  • Supports our webinar training series that provides all sectors of the agricultural community with the opportunity to learn about current pollution issues we face and available sustainable practices that help solve them. Also supports collaboration with university and extension partners to develop and expand locally relevant educational tools.

Outreach Partner – $100

  • Supports our annual survey recruitment and report development that provides vital information to the public and agricultural industry on current adoption of sustainable practices in the U.S. and Canada, the profitability of those practices and barriers to adoption.

Sustainability Promoter – $250

  • Supports our ability to compile sustainability metrics that show retailers and their customers how much fertilizer they are keeping on fields with different products and services. One of our most important tools!
  • Supports free educational tool and resource access for ag retailers, producers, consultants and the entire ag community including our webinar series; individual location sustainability reports that show both positive retailer/customer efforts and areas for improvement; and handbooks and other print materials that help retailers translate the benefits of certain products and services to their customers.

Sustainable Ag Trailblazer – $500+

  • Supports our incentive programs that aid farmers and their advisors in implementing sustainable practices on cropland. This is the most essential element to changing behaviors and securing long-term adoption!
  • Helps our team create innovative projects with partners that break long-standing barriers to sustainable agriculture progress including translation of published research to the public and agricultural industry; conservation recognition of retailers to other partners in the supply chain; and tools that showcase the economic viability of conservation practices for both retailers and their customers.

Custom Amount – Pay what you can!


All donations are tax deductible. IPM Institute is approved by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501 (C) (3) tax-exempt organization. IPM Institute’s Federal Identification Number (EIN) is 39-1938654. No goods or services were forwarded or offered in exchange for your contribution.

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