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Forty-seven ag retailers within the Great Lakes Basin (GLB) participated in our 2015 survey, and their voluntary efforts made a difference! We'd like to thank them for their participation, and invite all GLB ag retailers to participate in this confidential survey right now-just click here! 2015 was our fourth year collecting data from and reporting back to ag retailers in the Sandusky River Watershed, and our first year for the entire Great Lakes Basin. See key takeaways from the GLB results to the left.

This program is critically important for our industry to communicate ag retailer stewardship and what retailers are doing voluntarily to help solve water quality problems within the Great Lakes Basin - without additional regulations. By selling valuable products and services that are best management practices (BMPs), including soil sampling, precision ag and cover crops, ag retailers are making a difference!

By tracking and reporting the improvements of our industry, we can make regulators and the public aware of these voluntary efforts and how the power of the marketplace drives improvements.

Are you interested in joining this partnership? If you are an ag retailer located in the Great Lakes Basin, please click the button below to take our short 2016 survey. Once results are collected and analyzed, you will receive a report including estimates benchmarking the impact of your product and service sales on water quality, plus estimates for the ag retail industry in your state and in the Great Lakes Basin.

Mark Your Calendars! January & February Webinars Announced!

  • Phosphorus Stratification - Dealing with the Invisible P Specter on Cropland - It's Not a Myth!
  • January 31, 10AM CT/11AM ET
  • First, hear from Dr. Peter Kleinman, Research Leader & Soil Scientist from the USDA-ARS. Pete will discuss: What causes it, correlate phosphorus (P) stratification to soil matrix and tile flow, how to stop/slow this process, and how to fix P stratification in a no-till setup
  • Then, hear from Dr. Mark Williams, Agricultural Engineer from the USDA-ARS. Mark will explain: P concentrations and loads in surface runoff and tile discharge, hydro-logic connectivity, mechanisms for P transport, and accumulation of P in soils
  • 1.5 CCA CEU's available! (1 in nutrient management, 0.5 in soil & water management)
  • Cover Crop Termination
  • February 22nd, time TBD
  • Presentation by Dr. William Curran, Professor of Weed Science at Penn State University
  • CCA CEU's will be available!
  • Registration coming soon!

PARM's latest VRT cost-share reimbursement program is LIVE!

Thanks to funding from the EPA Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, we are now enrolling growers in the Sandusky, Cedar-Portage, Lower Maumee and Blanchard watersheds in Ohio for our latest VRT cost-share program. View our field/road level interactive map to see if you and your customers qualify!

If you are interested in learning more about VRT or possibly getting involved in the program, click the button below!

  • Wallet cards help to identify fields at a high risk of P loss by providing quick tips.
  • Convenient and easily distributed to clients. Wallet cards are a great way to start a conversation about water quality.
  • Perfect to take to your winter meetings!
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